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The intensive scientific research activity that developed continuously during the past years has enabled a rich publishing activity ин the Natural History Museum. Its beginnings can be traced as back as 1939, with the publication of the first Museum’s periodical “Annales Musei Serbiae Meridionalis”. In that journal, the results of studies in the field of herpetofauna, entomofauna and flora were published, and 7 issues were published.
During the World War II, the publishing activity of the Museum was discontinued, but it gained its momentum in the years after the War.
It was a period when conditions were created for publication of the two separate Museum’s periodicals “Acta” and “Fragmenta Balcanica”. In 1953 the first issue of “Acta” was published and in 1954 the first issue of “Fragmenta Balcanica”. In those museum’s publications were printed papers from the fields of taxonomy, biogeography and ecology of fossil and recent flora and fauna of Macedonia and other parts of the Balkan Peninsula. The figure of 159 published issues of “Acta” and 315 issues of “Fragmenta Balcanica” undoubtfully confirms the large interest for printing individual papers of domestic and foreign associates. A confirmation of the impact are the names of many eminent zoologists (S. Karaman, Z. Karaman, T. Petkovski, R. Mikšić, E. Königsmann, B. Ćurčić, L. Zombori, J. Papp), as well as botanists (T. Soška, H. Em, I. Pavletić, I. Horvat, K. Micevski), publishing in the Museum’s publications.
In 1964, as a result of a continued scientific research activity, an initiative started for publishing another museum’s periodical, the “Special issues”, a periodical of temporary character of which in the period 1964-1990 9 issues were printed. In 1987, a professional issue was published: “The manual for bird preparation”, which was intended for the general public.
The most capital work for the faunistic studies in Macedonia was the issuing of “Fauna of Macedonia”. The first four books of that edition were issued during 1964-1968 by the foreign authors: Thurner, Daniel, Klimesh and Pinker. There, they published their studies of the butterflies of Macedonia. The requirement for publishing such studies increased day after day, its result being the publication of six new volumes of that edition.