Macedonian Museum of Natural History was founded in October 1926 following an initiative of the well-known biologist Dr. Stanko Karaman. The Museum collects, studies and displays the natural heritage of Macedonia. The permanent exhibitions of the Museum cover an area of 1700 m2 and about 4000 original exhibits are displayed in glass showcases and dioramas. The Museum collections totals more than 270,000 specimens of rocks, minerals, fossils, plants, fungi and animals from Macedonia.

Through numerous scientific projects, the Museum undertook numerous studies of the fossil and recent fauna of Macedonia. The results have been primarily published in the Museum’s publications.

Macedonian Museum of Natural History continuously cooperates with various similar institutions at national and international level. In the past few years, cooperation in the area of exhibition activities has intensified through the hosting of thematic exhibits in other cities, both in the country and abroad, which allow for the presentation of the natural heritage and the biodiversity of Macedonia.